CRM Process

Do you have a CRM but do not understand everything it can do for you and your store?  Do you have the industries best processes implemented in your CRM for Walk-in, Internet, Phone, Service, and Sold customers? Do your sales reps and sales managers know what to do in the CRM from login to logout to generate the most business for your dealership?

No need to be frustrated.

Majority of dealerships underutilize this powerful tool for Customer Relationship Management. Cage Automotive has the perfect process for you and your team that is adaptable to any automotive CRM, we keep the process from login to logout extremely simple so any of your team members can do it. You and your team must understand you don’t work for the CRM, the CRM must work for you, meaning it is actually a Personal Assistant.

How do we do it?

Cleaning Your CRM System

We will work with your team hand in hand and teach them exactly where to go to uncover the greatest opportunities and how to generate business for themselves and not solely relying on incoming traffic.

Implementing Strategic Processes

By implementing strategic processes and perfecting your CRM, you can certainly help eliminate wasted Ad dollars and focus on maximizing profit internally.

Practices To Operate CRM

We will then teach your staff how to own your CRM like never before to reap unimaginable time saving and productive results.