Internet Sales

Are you closing less than 12-15% of your internet leads that come into your CRM? Are you unsure if your internet deparment or dealership is properly structured for internet leads?

You are not Alone

Many dealerships struggle with how to convert more online shoppers into sales, it’s actually quite simple, we must treat customers online the way we do in-store, and with the same urgency! We help increase your closing percentage by using customized and best-in-class processes for any sales staff.

How do we do it?

Increasing Engagement

We are able to do this with properly executed phone calls, texts, and emails which increase engagement with every online customer that interacts with your store.

In Dealership Training

Cage Automotive will train your staff in the dealership, virtually online, or both. This will help us analyze the shortcomings prevailing in your business environment and rectifying them.

Measuring Progress & Reporting

We will measure everything for accountability and make sure the process is being properly executed every day. We will send reports for your team as frequent as you request it.